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If you are interested in adopting a dog please fill out our online application or email for more information. 

Many of our dogs live in foster homes and are not at our adoption center.



MAKO is a 5 yr old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who was adopted from us as a pup and recently returned due to allergies. She is a wonderful dog, very well mannered - walks well on a leash & knows basic commands. Mako lived with another dog & is good with most other dogs or would be fine as a single pet. Not cat-compatible. She loves the outdoors and will be a great hiking partner. Was raised with children. If you are interested in adding Mako to your family please fill out an application at Mako has been spayed, vaccinated & is on heartworm prevention. Adoption $165


Cassidy: American Staffordshire Terrier, Dog; Elkton, MDCassidy: American Staffordshire Terrier, Dog; Elkton, MD 


You can't help but appreciate life when you're with CASSIDY.  In addition to her kind eyes and inquisitive nature, she has pep in her 3-legged step!  Cassidy is a 6-7 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, a good girl, who deserves a friend and/or family to take care of her permanently.  We're not sure how she lost her back right leg, but it was removed surgically (presumably to save her life) and healed well - so well that some people don't notice she is a tri-pod at first!  Not only does she get around fine on foot, she's great in the car too.  She's used to being around a variety of people and dogs and has some doggie friends at CompAnimals - best paired with a sturdy male dog but she would do fine as an only pet as well.  She has a bright mind, spunky personality and versatile nature - loves toys, retrieves well, quickly picked up K9 Nose Work, enjoys walking/sniffing in nature and loves going places in the car.  Her admiring Pen Pal created a webpage that features photographs and video Cassidy has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested (neg) and on prevention. Please fill out an application at Adoption $165

Cassidy: American Staffordshire Terrier, Dog; Elkton, MD


DOMINO as found by one of our adopters in the city of Chester (not a good place to be a wandering Pit Bull!) He is an active guy who enjoys hikes! He can also be mellow after his RDA of exercise. Domino can be paired with a laid back female or would love to be an only kid & soak up ALL the lovin'. Not cat compatible. Domino is looking for an active family who will include him in activities - loves to ride in the car! Approx 2 years old - he has spent half of his life with us and will need a little patience in his transition to home life but this handsome guy is well worth it! We recommend a basic obedience class so he can brush up on his leash skills etc. Domino has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and is ready to join your family. Apply at Adoption $165


OLIVER is a simple guy, with simple needs - all he needs is a wonderful, loving fur-ever home. Approx 5-6 yrs old, Oliver was originally found as a stray. He is a happy guy who loves life & has a big smile! May not be the sharpest tack in the box but Oliver will be a good friend and companion. Gets along with a lot of dogs but lacks doggie social skills so is best placed with a tolerant dog. Oliver LOVES to play ball, go for hikes & rides in the car. Oliver is neutered, chipped, vaccinated & on HW prevention. Please fill out an application at if you can give this comical guy a home. Adoption $165

Oliver: Pit Bull Terrier, Dog; Elkton, MD


Oliver: Pit Bull Terrier, Dog; Elkton, MD



TRIXIE has the cutest face! She is most likely a Boston terrier mix as she has the personality of a Boston Terrier. At about 35 lbs she is a nice size - sturdy yet portable. Trixie is approx 3 yrs old. She does have a lot of puppy playfulness and needs a family who will meet her RDA for exercise and discipline as well. She does tend to be mouthy (everything in the mouth) when she plays and needs to learn not to chew on you! Probably a bit rough for a home with little kids but she is very outgoing and loves people in general. In the right home she is going to be an awesome dog. Good with most other dogs & fine with cats.

We are looking for an active dog-oriented family who will include her in their activities. We do require that her new family enroll her in a basic obedience class to get everyone started on the right foot. Please fill out an application at if you are interested in making Trixie a member of your family. Trixie is scheduled to be spayed, has been vaccinated and heartworm tested neg and microchipped. Adoption $165


SHERMAN is a wonderful dog - who has been overlooked at our adoption center. He was originally adopted from us as a pup & then returned when the husband was deployed to Afghanistan and then there was something about a new baby. Sherman is about 7 years old & still very active (although he has bad knees which preclude him from loooong hikes - 1-3 miles is good for Sherman). Sherman went through a training class at The Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia & attended doggy day care there under the former owner. He is indeed good with other dogs (not so much with cats). Sherman would do best in an adult only home as children make him nervous. A very loyal guy who will be the perfect companion for some lucky person out there! He is (of course) neutered, vaccinated & on heartworm prevention. Please email for more info or fill out an application.

Adoption fee $150.

SISSY is a young Pit mix who was found as a stray in Cecil Co. The SPCA there will not put Pit Bulls up for adoption so her good samaritan rescuer brought her to us rather than have her face certain death. We are not sure if she was neglected or on the run for some time but she came in very thin. We are still getting to know here but this is what her foster Mom says so far:

'Sissy is very sweet, the tail never stops wagging. She will not make eye contact with you, and keeps her head down while you pet her (wagging the whole time). She went right into the crate last night and layed down. She was unsure if she was allowed to come out when the door was open. Shaun left the crate door open all night, but she stayed in it. She's in his room in the basement, and she has full run of the room, but seems to go back to the crate when no one is around. She appears to be housebroken, no accidents and she always goes as soon as we take her out. She is a little lovebug - just burries her head in your lap & wags her tail.'

She has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped & tested heartworm neg. Will post more info as we get to know her. Please fill out an application or email for more info.

Adoption fee $165



.NIGEL is a 3 year old English Bulldog who has spent his entire life at a puppy mill. Puppy mill dogs have little or no positive human exposure and are more often than not kept i small cages in an over crowded barn and may never even touch the ground or see the sky. We are not sure of the conditions that Nigel has come from however he is extremely shy and somewhat shell shocked by the whole experience. Nigel needs a family who can take baby steps with him and teach him to trust humans without feeling sorry for him and thus adding to his insecurities - a fine line to tread. Nigel needs a home with another dog to follow around and help teach him the ropes. A securely fenced in yard is a must. Nigel is learning to go outside to potty in his foster home by following the example of his canine foster brother & sisters. He is great with other dogs! He will let you approach him and handle him but he stiffens at your touch. He has just started to seek out his foster mom in the home but will run when she comes around the corner. Nigel clearly has a long way to go. He will freeze when a leash is attached to his harness.



MOJO is a 12 month old Brazilian Mastiff (Fila) who is looking for a home that can help him reach his full potential. Mojo led a pretty secluded childhood & has not been exposed to other dogs or learned house manners. he needs a family with strong dog skills that will give him the discipline & exercise he needs to become a well adjusted pup. Mojo is good with people but is currently too strong for a child - he will play with people as he would a littermate and is very mouthy & is too big to be jumping up on people. Mojo was originally purchased from a breeder as a gift for 'the kids' and was given up when he became too much for them to handle. He has attended a basic obedience class. Mojo has been neutered, vaccinated & is microchipped. Please fill out an application at if you are interested in adopting Mojo. Home visit & vet refs required. Adoption fee $300.





BOLO is an amazingly laid back pup with an exceptional personality. He was given up due to his person working long hours. Approx 7-8 months old. Bolo has a beautiful silver/gold coat and eyes to match. He is good with other dogs, cats and great with kids. Very social, walks well on a leash and has good manners for a chap his age. We are looking for a family who will include him in activities, be an active partner in his upbringing and has more to offer than 'a big back yard'. We do require that new adopters of young dogs enroll them in a basic obedience class (of your choice - we can recommend some in the area). Bolo has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped & is on heartworm prevention. Adoption $200. Bolo is in a foster home and NOT at out adoption center. Please fill out an application at if you are interested in adding this awesome guy to your family.




We couldn't help but fall in love with her face when we saw her on the BARCS (Baltimore Animal Shelter) list so we had her brought up here. Meet WILLOW! Willow is a 2 yr old spayed female Boxer/Pit Bull mix. She is still very puppy-ish and although she has her basic manners down pretty well she needs her RDA of exercise. Willow likes other dogs but will play rough. She walks well on a leash and is a great walking/hiking partner. Not yet cat tested but she does not mind the cats through the glass door. Crate trained & housebroken. Willow has an irresistable mug - love that grill! Loves people and is very social. If you are interested in adding Willow to your family please fill out an application at Adoption $165.


SCRAPPY DOO has had a rough 6 months. His owner passed away, leaving him & his doggy friend alone in the house. A girl living with her grandmother next door took the dogs in, however the grandmother passed away forcing them to put the house on the market. Scrappy's doggy friend was given away and Scrappy again left in a house all alone. Scrappy's medical records state he is 7 yrs old however he looks like he may be a bit older. He is a shy boy, very sweet and not a mean bone in his body. Scrappy enjoys leisurely walks. He is a little 'off' on the hind end - vet thinks pulled muscle - so he is only getting short walks right now. Great with other dogs. A very low-key house dog who will worship you forever for giving him a quiet loving home. Scrappy has been previously neutered. He is up to date on vaccinations and heartworm/lyme negative. Scrappy is in a foster home so please fill out an application before making an appointment to meet him. Adoption fee $100.



Princess: Pit Bull Terrier, Dog; Elkton, MD

PRINCESS was dumped at a high kill shelter in NYC when her owners moved overseas. She is a really good, loyal dog. At 5-7 yrs old, she is well past the puppy stage - yet still an active girl. Princess LOVES toys - kongs, tennis balls, you name it! Gets along with other dogs - but doesn't like to share her toys. LOVES the great outdoors & hikes & especially STICKS! Would do best in a home with older kids, a laid back other dog or fine as an only dog as well. Prefers a 'cat free' home. Princess has been spayed, vaccinated, heartworm neg and microchipped. Adoption $165


QUAIL is a sturdy guy on short legs - his big head gives him a cartoonish look. Everyone who meets him loves him! Quail is pretty easy going & would do well with anoither mellow dog or would be fine as an only dog as well, Good with older kids. Quail is approx 3 yrs old - he came to us from Baltimore & was totally neglected - had almost no hair. He is on the road to recovery, sports a full head of glstening black hair and is ready for a home of his own! Please fill out an application at or schedule an appt to meet Quail at our adoption center. Quail has been vaccinated, neutered, heartworm tested (neg) and microchipped. Adoption $165

CUPCAKE was found as a stray and not claimed. She is an energetic girl who needs an active family! Cupcake is a bully breed on both sides of her family (Pit Bull & American Bulldog) and we are looking for a family with breed experience. She needs to get her RDA of exercise in every day but also loves cuddle time! Cupcake LOVES people! Not so much other dogs or cats. LOVES water also! Would be a great companion for an avid hiker or runner. Cupcake is approx 3 yrs old. She has been spayed, vaccinated, tested neg for heartworms and is microchipped. Crate trained and housebroken. Come visit her at our Adoption Center or fill out an application.

Adoption fee $150.



MR BIG was found as a stray and not claimed by owners. At intake he weighs 85 lbs but is on the thin side - could easily pack on another 10-15 lbs. Mr Big is approx 2-3 yrs old and has a puppy-like personality. He seems to get along with other dogs (probably best not paired wit another large male), GREAT with people but not compatible with cats. MR BIG is a ham and to meet him is to love him! He is scheduled to be neutered mid January but we are currently accepting applications. Bully breed experience a plus! Please fill out an application at or email for more info. Adoption $400





LILY is a very happy 3 year old dog who gets along wonderfully with all people including small children. She was returned to us after three years when her first human family broke apart. She was devastated, but has adjusted very nicely to her foster home. She likes to cuddle and be petted, and she'll curl up at your feet or hop up onto the couch if invited. She has attended doggy daycare (Dog Dayz in Wilmington DE). She can assert dominance over other dogs, but she plays actively and nicely with young dogs. When outside, she is athletic, enjoys hikes & streams, and would make an excellent jogging partner. We have had her hiking off leash in a safe area (Gentle Spirit Farm) and she did great - always checking back. She knows how to sit, and is still working on not pulling on the leash but making progress. She is very smart, eager to please and should continue to learn quickly. She's fully house-trained and does fine in a crate or out. Lily is looking for a dog-oriented family who will include her in their family outings. Not yet cat tested but we can prior to adoption. She is a medium/high energy dog and can jump a 4 foot fence, so a 5+ foot fence or lots of leash running is recommended. Lily has been spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm tested/on prevention. She will be 4 yrs old in June 2014. Please fill out an application at or email for more info. Adoption $165.



SIR LANCELOT was found as a stray. Not only was he down on his luck, he was literally 'down' - unable to use his hind legs. A volunteer for a Dachshund Rescue took him in as a foster hoping the rescue would take him under their wing. They did not. His rescuer is now fostering him for us & getting his initial vet work & therapy done at her cost. At some point he may need wheels but we are still hoping he will gain the use of his legs.

She writes: 'Sir Lancelot is a sweet 7-ish year old male dachshund who was found as a stray, with back legs paralyzed. We don’t know how he was hurt, or how he got out on his own, but no one has stepped up to take him home, so he is looking for some help and a new home. Right now he is receiving acupuncture treatments to try to improve his mobility. He can move his back legs and wag his tail a little so far. Lance loves to take his pills in peanut butter, and is a good eater………but he is learning to enjoy fresh veggies that are low in calories so he can slim down and put less stress on his back. Eventually he will get to have some water therapy to help strengthen his leg muscles. Lance is a special dog, a true survivor, who will be looking for that special home where a new family will love him so much that they won’t mind his disability. We hope that Lance will gain use of his legs so that he will be able to walk, but if he doesn’t, we will be buying him a wheelchair so he can run with other dogs……which he sooooo much wants to do!! He is a spunky little fellow who will make you smile as he greets you and eagerly waits for your attention. He loves to be around people and other dogs and is an easygoing pup. If you are interested in finding out more about this precious fellow, contact us at'





STEVIE (WONDER) is an amazing little dog that came to us from NC. We don't normally import dogs from such a distance however Stevie pulled at our heartstrings. Stevie is mostly blind from juventile cataracts yet he is the sweetest, most trusting dog! He is great with other dogs and they seem to know his special needs. 

His foster Mom says: 'I am Stevie's Foster mom. And I just LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY !!!! He is doing GREAT!!! the other dogs like him a lot. When he runs into them, they look at him like 'OH its just Stevie!'

Looking for a home with other dogs to guide him & a home that will get him out and about and keep him social and active. Stevie is approx 2 yrs old & 30-35 lbs. He will be neutered 7/22 and has been vaccinated. He tested a slight heartworm positive and is on heartworm prevention - we will test him again at 6 and 12 months. Will also be chipped at time of neuter. Adoption $165




FAITH was dropped at a rural MD shelter with her 4 pups (we have 1 available - see CHARITY). She is a sweet, sweet & active girl who is barely a puppy herself (1-2 yrs old). Faith deserves a home of her own where she will be a cherished member of the family. Good with other dogs but needs a cat free home. Faith has been spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested & microchipped and is ready to go home with you. Please fill out an application at or email for more info. Adoption $165



RALEIGH is a 2 yr old Shih Tzu who was given up due to dominance towards the female member of the family. He was purchesed as a pup in NC (hence his sountern name) and raised by a senior couple who had little dog experience. Raleigh soon decided that he was the boss and would sometimes bite his 'mom' when he didn't agree with her direction (i.e. told to get off the couch etc). We have seen none of that behavior here and believe that if he is in a home where he is treated like a dog and not a spoiled little 12 lb ball of fluff that he can become a well adjusted guy. Raleigh is good with other dogs and would do best in a home with another dog who could set an example for him. Although his short snout makes strenuos exercise an impossibility, Raleigh needs to get enough exercise and discipline where he will be physically and mentally satisfied. Although he seems fine with kids, due to his history we will place him in an adult only home or one with teenage children. We do also ask thatb his new family enroll him in a basic obedience class to get everyone started off right. Raleigh has been neutered, vaccinated and is on heartworm and flea prevention. Will be chipped prior to adoption. Please fill out an application at or email for more info. Adoption $200

Poindexter: Pointer, Dog; Elkton, MD


DEXTER is approx 10-12 months old (as of 7/13). We found him at BARCS in Baltimore where he was scared to death &b completely shut down. Dexter is coming around & is completely comfortable in his foster home where he resides with sveral other dogs $ a couple of cats. Dexter also accompanies his foster mom to work once a week for Socialization 101 (Inspire Hair Studio/Avondale PA). Looking for a quiet home that will get him out & about and continue with his socialization. A doggy friend to show him the ropes would be a plus. Please fil out an application at before making an appt to meet him. Adoption $165. Dexter has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped & is on heartworm prevention. We do ask that his new family enroll him in a basic obedience class as confidence builder & bonding experience. Thanks!


BRUTUS BEEFCAKE is a big, beefy guy, weighing in at 93 lbs! He is approx 3-5 years old and still has a puppy-ish personality. Loves to play with toys! He has just arrived from a high kill shelter where he was slated for euthanasia due to overcrowding. He passed his temperament test there - actually he was so busy giving kisses that they couldn't do all the tests. Brutus did well with the dog they tested him with and once he settles in here we will dog & cat test him as well. We believe he is an American Bulldog / Pit Bull mix. LOVES people! More info to come as we get to know Brutus. Please fill out an application or email for more info. Brutus is vaccinated, HW tested (neg), microchipped and neutered.

Adoption fee $200.

Stella: Weimaraner, Dog; Elkton, MD


Stella is a beautiful 7 year old Weimy who needs a family that understands the breed. She is super sweet but suffers from some degree of anxiety. Loves people but small children make her nervous. She would like a home where her people are not gone all day. Someone who can take her for looooong relaxing hikes & help her gain self confidence would be ideal. She is fine with cats & lived with another dog - a large laid back companion for Stella would be nice but she would be fine as an aonly dog as well. Stella has been spayed & vaccinated and will be microchipped prior to adoption. Adoption fee $165







MAX! We cannot say enough good things about this guy - he is absolutely perfect. Given up because his owner's landlord said he had to go. In his foster home, Max is kid tested & mother approved! Excellent house manners and gets along with all dogs (including the resident grumpy Yorki). A mellow guy of about 8-10 years of age. Max has wonderful house manners and appreciates a loving touch and soft bed to rest his rump. Max has been neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and will be microchipped prior to adoption. We did have a fatty tumor removed that was unsightly but nothing to worry about. His pre-op bloodwork was great! If you would like to add Max to your family, please fill out an application at Adoption $100.


GORDIE is an 8 yr old Lab/Shepherd mix, approx 65 lbs. She was given up due to a move & new landlord. Gordie is an active girl who looks and feels half her age. She will form a strong bond with her person and is the type of dog that will happily go on adventures with you but also be content to lay at your feet while you work from home. Gordie prefers a fenced yard as she is not used to potty-ing on leash. She is good with other dogs but would prefer to live with a male dog (also fine as an 'only child'). Has not shown much interest in cats but we can formally cat test her if needed. Gordie did have a cluster of seizures over Super Bowl weekend and is currently taking anti seizure medication twice daily (cost $25/mo). Her seizures have been 100% controlled by the medication - we are not sure yet if she can be weaned off the meds or not. She is of course spayed & vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. Gordie is a devoted girl who is looking for someone to share her life with - could that be you? Apply at Adoption $100.



BESSIE is a 10 yr old Boxer with lots of love left to give. We are not sure of her past or how she ended up on death row in the shelter where we found her. Bessie takes a little while to warm up to new people but once you have her heart she is ALL yours! Bessie will protect her house so a quiet home without a lot of visitors is ideal. She is far from a couch potato however and enjoys hiking and swimming. Good with other dogs and ignores cats. No children please because of her protectiveness. If you can give Bessie a fur-ever home in her golden years, please fill out an application at Bessie has been spayed, vaccinated & is on heartworm prevention. Adoption $100.



Reese & Bootz

REESE & BOOTZ are 10 month old brothers weighing 8 & 12 lbs. They are a mix of toy Mexican Hairless & Chihuahua - their body type resembles the Mexican Hairless and their skin will require extra care as with all the hairless breeds (please research before applying). We would like to adopt them out separately so each can grow as an individual but will consider adopting them as a pair to a dedicated family. Will be available mid-March after their neuter appt. Please fill out an application at Adoption $200 per pup. Enrolling in a basic obedience class (of your choice) is required to complete adoption. Will be vaccinated & microchipped prior to adoption.

Reese & BootzReese & Bootz
























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